Been juggling projects these last few weeks, but I've gotten quite a bit done. I finished my Hermione Hearts Ron hat. Turned out really cute I think. I really liked the yarn I used (even though I may be slightly allergic to Alpaca).
Used Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D'Oro
Really like the way this hat finished off!

I also got Josh's new beanie done, which I'm working on writing up the pattern for. Thought this one turned out pretty well too. Hopefully he'll wear this one! Should hopefully be getting this pattern up on Ravelry here in the next week or so, after some careful double checking of the pattern...
This one is Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash
In between hats I started a scarf just as an easy project while watching tv at night. This will also be for Josh. Got the pattern from Ravelry, it's called a waffle scarf.
Patons Classic Wool
Wow my last few projects are lacking color! Will have to something bright for my next project. Also I found out that my Alaina Beanie pattern had a few errors, so I got those changed. Guess that's about all, I have a bit of a headache so I'm not feeling to chatty today.

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