Pressed Leaves

Until this year I never knew that I hadn't experienced a real fall season. In Wyoming the leaves go from green to brown, then get blown off of the trees. That all happens in the span of about a week. It's pretty much the same in Colorado and Montana.

Well I've got to say our first fall in the Pacific Northwest was amazing! The leaves turned so many different colors: red, pink, orange, rust, bright yellow and chocolate brown. We took several walks around the neighborhood to look at all of the color. To our amazement the leaves stayed on most of the trees for atleast a month, and some even still have their leaves. There are so many trees here the ground was just carpeted with color when they started to fall off.

On one of our walks we picked up some different leaves and pressed them in the phone book. Finally got around to taking them out last week to see how they turned out. They kept a fair amount of their color, so we put them in floating frames so that light could get through.

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