Beanie Pattern!

Well I finally got it done! My first ever (for the public) beanie pattern. The PDF is available on ravelry.
The Alaina Beanie
(StitchNation Bamboo Ewe in Eucalyptus)
I gave the prototype to my sister, so I decided to name the pattern after her. I never cared much for patterns with people's names, but it's so much simpler than diamond moss stitch cables beanie which is what I was originally going to name this. My friend Kelli is testing the pattern for me, but I was so excited I had to go ahead and publish without waiting (hopefully I won't regret that!). There are many chances for errors, between the knitting and rewriting and such.

Now I'm already working on my second pattern that is a hat for my husband so it will be called the Josh Beanie (I've just decided to start naming them after whomever gets the prototype).

This is me. (I'm really un-photogenic and really don't like having
my picture taken)


  1. I absolutely love that pattern and the color too! You look beautiful, Jen! :)