Husband Beanie

Well I've gotten my second (for the public) pattern up on ravelry. I've decided to call it Husband Beanie, since it's more universal sounding. Plus when I was looking for a pattern for Josh's hat I totally would have looked at a pattern with that name. Josh picked out the yarn, go figure it's grey. It's Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Wool.

The sun was in his eyes, and apparently made him a little
cranky. I got one picture where he looks super p.o.'d
and he's looking directly at the camera, but I've been
forbidden to post it. (It's hilarious though!)
It was a gorgeous day here yesterday (and it is again today, yay!). We went for a little drive to this scenic outlook, and then went up to Nooksack Falls on Mt. Baker. You can see Mt. Baker in the photo, it's the snowiest peak on the far left.

Kind of hard to believe it's December.
I love the weather up here!

Nooksack Falls
Been trying to come up with a new idea for a pattern, but I think that well is dry for the time being. Guess I'll have to finish some of the projects in my bin...

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