Knitting like crazy

I'm not sure a day has gone by over the last few weeks that I haven't worked on some knitting project. My mom gave me yarn for Christmas for this gorgeous cardigan, so far I've gotten the back and the left front done. It's my first attempt at a sweater so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I love this seed wishbone stitch
I rarely use the yarn called for in a pattern, but since this is my first try at a sweater I went with the recommended and let me say I really do love this yarn.

While taking a break from my sweater to give my wrist a break I knitted this hat. It's my first attempt at multicolors, and the technique used is a great one to know. I think even Josh wants a hat like this but with straight lines instead of wavy. But he is going to have to choose another color to go along with his grey.

Holy smokes I did something in bright colors! Hooray me!
 For this hat I used Paton's Classic Wool. It's turning out to be one of my go to yarns, plus it's easy to get since Michael's is just down the street.

On a different note, we've started growing herbs for our kitchen window sill:


I bought this mug for myself as a stocking stuffer (I love this color) and when I went to wash it, it was cracked all down one side. Not sure when it happened but the crack isn't bad enough to let water leak out through the soil, so that is what gave us the idea to plant the herbs in coffee mugs. We only have two so far, but since these little guys are growing I'm sure we'll plant more.

Cilantro (yucky!)
Will post some pics when the indoor herb garden project gets farther along.
It's kind of a grey, rainy day today so I didn't have much natural light to do my photos. Had to rig up an indoor studio (and I don't have studio lights). I didn't think they turned out too bad for using a speedflash.

Gotta love the booze bottles holding up my fill cards!

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  1. Love the sweater and the hat! I like that stitch on the front part of the sweater too! Couldn't agree more about the cilantro!