Husband Beanie

Since I first started crocheting and knitting I've wanted to make the perfect beanie for my husband. See he has this store bought beanie that he's been wearing for years, he loves it.

This is it.

Now I've always wanted to make him one that he loves just as much...okay, more. Well to say the least my abilities have been pretty limited up until recently.

I've searched the internet for a pattern similar to this one to no avail. Finally I found a pattern for a hat that taught me how to do the diamond cables, which was a good start. So I got out the circular needles and after some trial and error ended up with this.

Do I think this will take the place of the store bought one? No. But it does have a better chance of actually getting worn than some of my previous atempts. I'm working on another one that has larger diamonds and the moss stitch texture inside of them, but that one won't be for him:) Will post pics and hopefully a pattern when I'm done. I made this using Stitch N Bitch's Bamboo Ewe.

Here is a photo of the beanie I made that taught me how to do the diamond cables.

It turned out a little too long for me, but it's cute and was great experience. Here is the link to the pattern for it.

This one was made with Lion Brand Yarn's Fisherman's Wool.

Just for fun here are a few of the beanies I've made for my husband over the years...


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