Origami Flowers

It seems that the fall season is fast approaching (I don't know how this can be, summer has barely gotten started!). So in order to keep my denial of the coming cooler weather going I've decided to start this blog with a very colorful spring-like project. These origami flowers are fast to make once you get the hang of it so you too can keep the color alive during the dreary winter months. They can be made in any size and the color is up to you, just pick your paper! (I have found that origmai paper or any light weight paper works best for stemmed flowers. Scrapbooking paper gets bulky and too heavy for the stems to support). Let's get started...

5 sheets square origami paper (I used 3 in.)
18 gauge floral cloth wire
needle nose pliers
wire cutters (my pliers had a cutter in them)

Step 1:
Fold paper in half; corner to corner

Step 2:
Fold bottom corners up to center top
(the black line will be where your fold is)

Step 3:
Fold sides in so they meet in the center

Step 4:
Flatten back out so that it looks like Step 1.
Open sides slightly and press in on bottom edge. Flatten to the front.

Step 5:
Fold over tops from step 4 to backside.

Step 6:
Fold sides in along existing crease. This will not meet in the middle.

Step 7:
Place small amount of glue on one side created in step 6.
Fold gently in half (with out creasing) so that two sides from step 6 are being glued together.
This forms one petal.

Repeat Steps 1-7 four more times so you have a total of 5 petals.

Step 8:

Take two petals and glue flat sides together.
Glue on remaining petals one at a time keeping flat sides together.

To add stem:
With wire cutters cut stem to desired length. With pliers bend over the tip of one side of the stem.
Put a small amount of glue on curled side of stem. Now insert stem straight side down through the center of the flower. Pull stem until curled side is inside the middle of the flower.

Let glue dry.
Now have fun and make as many as you'd like!

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